About the Series

Cheesecake – A golden retriever comes to the rescue of a troubled couple Featuring Akanksha Thakur, Jitendra Kumar, Kumar Varun in the all-new show with a storyline on how a mundane marriage is intervened by a furry stranger. MX Player brings to you, a brand new series, Cheesecake which is a roller coaster of love, joy, and emotions. In this latest show, the marriage of Neel and Samira takes a new turn when there is an addition of a playful little friend in their lives. This accidental turn of events is sure to add the missing spice from their married lives. Watch Cheesecake web series online to see how a dog turns the protagonist in returning the spark in the lives of a once happily married couple. They say all you need is one loyal friend to get through the hardships of life and the friend here is a little, goofy, Golden Retriever- Cheesecake. Can a lost dog save a lost marriage? Watch Cheesecake latest episodes to know The latest episodes of Cheesecake explore the nuances of everyday lives of a couple who blame their careers for extracting the joy out of their 3- year old marriage. The lack of interest and enthusiasm between two human beings is then brought back by a species outside of their own. Who does not like a dog story? And a story with a dog’s character in the lead is all you can ever ask for, and all episodes of Cheesecake gives you that and much more. Cheesecake, a golden retriever, teaches troubled young couple about the value of life and the meaning of unconditional love. It is the joy and partnership that the couple shares in order to take care of him that unites them and gives them a purpose to fix their broken relationship. Learn the lesson of unconditional love with all episodes of Cheesecake With all smiles and joy, watch Cheesecake series online, to binge for an episodic dosage of love, emotions, and laughter. This show will explore how easily routine sucks the life out of living and distances you from the people you love the most. So watch this Cheesecake video to unwind from your mundane life and binge on a two and a half hours long emotional journey with Neel, Samira, and Cheesecake.

Show Rating: 8.9/10

Genre: Comedy

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