About the Series

Aafat is the story about five women who happen to be the ideal suit for an arranged marriage and are in a bid to become the “Perfect Bride”. The story starts with a young boy named Ricky Malhotra who is a mamma’s boy out in search for his “perfect bride”. Watch Aafat online to enjoy this quirky tale which breaks the stereotypes and prejudices of society. The prospect brides for the marriage are, Ayesha, a girl who has never shaved herself, Anu, who works at an MNC but is bald, Faiza, who has no control over her language, Aditi, who is an MBA but is a bit overweight, and Titli, who is an entrepreneur who has gone through a divorce. Who would become the perfect bride ultimately? Watch Aafat all episodes to find out.

Show Rating: 6.6/10

Genre: Comedy

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