About the Series

MX Originals, home of unique and amazing web shows brings a new show to the forefront, a thriller drama that is sure to raise the hair on the back of your neck and keep you entertained till you binge-watch it. Featuring the directorial talent of Anupam Santosh Saroj, the latest original web series is produced by the renowned Bollywood personality known for his thriller movies, Vikram Bhatt. The web show stars Aryaman Seth in the central lead character of Suraj Kadam, and also has Suparna Moitra and Tithi Raj along with him in the lead roles. Watch MX Originals Naked Web Show video episodes online for free and see how Suraj Kadam’s life turns around when he decides to get emotionally involved in a seemingly open and shut case! Suraj’s life is thrown in a disarray after getting involved in Natasha’s case! Suraj Kadam is an honest cop and a prodigal son who has made his father proud of him at every step in his life. Suraj is having the best time of his life as his professional career and his personal life are at the peak. He is being considered for the next promotion and he is on the way to marry his long time girlfriend and get settled in a family life. Things turn around when a seemingly simple case comes to him and he gets too involved in it. Hotelier Rishabh Mehta is found murdered while his girlfriend and adult movie star Natasha Kamra is found drugged. CBI gets involved as the case becomes high profile and Suraj is forced to team up with CBI officer Sapna Biswas. Things get ugly when Suraj goes out of his way and risks his job for Natasha, who is a prime suspect according to Sapna. Will Suraj prove Sapna wrong and save Natasha? Stream Naked Web Series all episodes online in full HD and find out what happens.

Show Rating: 4.1/10

Genre: Comedy

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