Honey Trap Squad Season 1

About the Series

Honey Trap Squad is an extended unofficial wing of RAW, consists of female agents who are dead in official records. This squad is being headed by Mitra code name Honey. Way of working for this squad goes hand in hand with its name. These are highly trained agents with killer looks enough to lure their targets into their traps Right now HTS is behind the counterfeit network in India which is being operated by Abdul Hameed from Dubai, Abdul Hameed is an absconded criminal from India, who is planning against the country with the help from ISI. This story is a journey of HTS cutting wings of this counterfeit network one by one and how Hameed is trying to save his empire from this unknown threat. To do so he has to take a last measure of hiring an assassin “Mirage” who is a myth for the rest of the world. Will the girls be able to take-down this assassin and shut down Hameed’s network.

Show Rating: 4.6

Genre: Drama

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